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That's why we come together to help organizations in transforming their digital infrastructure, which enables and drives the innovations and growth of tomorrow.

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Hi, we’re a collective of European leading cloud-first agencies with 200+ specialists, working as one.

Through collaboration we supercharge your digital innovation with solutions everywhere across public, hybrid and private cloud landscapes. Based on your ambitions we form collaborative teams of doers that transform digital infrastructures and power growth.

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Founder's Letter, 2023

September 2023 Ronald Bezuur 5 min read

In this era, the bedrock of unhindered growth and breakthrough innovation is robust, secure digital infrastructure, built on collaboration, and governed by strong principles.

After 23 years, our ability to adapt is a key reason why we’re still here. This fact isn't unique to us. It holds true for many of our clients and, essentially, for society moving forward. We’re in the middle of huge changes, from environmental to social.

We believe that the winning enterprises of tomorrow will be those that can anticipate and respond to the monumental shifts shaping not just our business landscapes, but the everyday lives of people across the globe.

Organizations equipped with the best digital infrastructure and tools, those that master the balance between speed, continuous development, and secure, well-governed infrastructure will not just adapt, but will spearhead change for a brighter, more sustainable future.

However, experience has taught us that over the past two decades, the ability to innovate and adapt to change has been limited by rigid digital infrastructures. At the same time many businesses have been disrupted due to unlimited access to technology. Amongst an explosion of digital advancements — from public and private cloud solutions to machine learning and novel data applications — organizations risk falling behind if they are chained by the complexity of their digital infrastructure.

Acceleration of innovation has given birth to new business models and solutions that we have never thought of before. Yet, the essential question remains: how do we strike the right balance between swift development on the one side and strong governance with a secure infrastructure on the other? To us the answer is crystal clear:

“We make hybrid cloud simple because we understand that exceptional digital infrastructure is the key to rapid innovation.”

We are committed to reshaping, enhancing, and invigorating the digital landscape with flexible, secure, cost-effective, and responsible hybrid cloud solutions that drive innovation and growth.

To achieve that vision, it is our ambition to be a European leader for hybrid cloud solutions, standing alongside global tech giants and offering the versatility and advantages of public, hybrid and private cloud platforms fitted to the unique needs of our clients. This is why we made these strategic choices:


We will build a high growth portfolio of cloud-first businesses, composed of leading brands that reinforce each other.


We embrace the diversity of our individual brands. Our strategy is built on the strength of each, invigorated by a diverse community of innovative doers and driven engineers.


Through this constellation of leading brands, we create customized teams of experts, made for collaboration, dedicated to simplifying hybrid cloud solutions.

If we succeed in making hybrid cloud solutions simple by fostering collaborative integrated teams, we succeed in helping companies to unlock their growth potential.

With this we transform digital infrastructures and solutions to power growth. This is how we help companies to uncover new possibilities to adapt to a fast-changing world. This is how we drive innovation through collaboration.

For us, growth goes beyond business metrics. It aligns with societal progress and a sustainable future. This is achieved by applying cutting-edge technology to solve some of the most pressing problems faced by organisations. Here are some examples of accomplishments that make me proud of what we've achieved together:

For a healthcare organisation, we have delivered solutions for secure data management, understanding the criticality of sensitive patient data.

For an ISV, we've smoothed their transition to the cloud by taking over their existing platforms during the phase leading to decommissioning.

For a fintech platform, we've enabled AI for process automation, aimed at reducing costs.

For a mobility company, we've migrated their self-built applications to the public cloud to improve flexibility, reliability, and availability.

For a financial institution, we've delivered solutions for balancing loads between private and public clouds.

These efforts underline our commitment to being a long-term leading tech partner, aiding businesses in realizing their missions. This commitment is woven into our own success stories.

Since day one, more than two decades ago, I’ve always been optimistic about the future. A large part of that optimism comes from the people I work with every day. This committed, talented group of people that gets things done has helped me create a vision without boundaries. We put this vision into action by being transparent with each other and continuously seeking incremental value amongst ourselves.

”But my greatest optimism lies in the power of our collaborative strength — a force that enables us to create sustainable digital solutions that are the necessary foundation for innovation.”

Together, we will continue to build, adapt, and lead, just as we have for the past 23 years. Thanks for joining us on this journey of innovation and collaboration, as we deliver digital infrastructure and solutions that empower organizations to quickly embrace a brighter, sustainable future.

Ronald Bezuur

Founder Atomic Group

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